Recently the Korean People succeeded in two rounds of test fire of intercontinental ballistic missiles Hwasong 14. This means they are powerful enough to put the whole territory of the US within range of their nukes. Korea’s comprehensive national power and strategic status are rising higher day after day. And gone forever is the time when the US imperialists threatened the Korean people with nukes.

Inevitability of History

Originally the Korean people had no will to possess nukes. Why did they take the road towards a nuclear state? Because they had to safeguard the sovereignty of their country and their national dignity.

From of old the Korean peninsula was the target of aggression by the imperialists because of its geopolitical position. The US, in particular, watched for a chance to invade Korea from the early 19th century. Following the end of the Second World War, it occupied half of the peninsula and tried to realize its ambition of world supremacy by using it as its stepping-stone.

An extension of the attempt was the Korean war (1950-1953). During the war the US intended to turn the entire peninsula into a complete “radioactive corridor area” by dropping scores of A-bombs on it. The US imperialists were just brutes that would never hesitate to reduce the peninsula into the ruins enveloped by nuclear clouds in order to put their ambition of world supremacy into reality.

In 1962, amidst the US’s continuous nuclear war threat, there occurred the Caribbean crisis known as Cuban Missile Crisis, which made the Korean people more keenly realize that they should further strengthen their self-defensive power in order to safeguard the sovereignty and dignity of their country.

In view of the prevailing situation the Workers’ Party of Korea put forward the strategic line of building up the economy and defences of the country simultaneously at the fifth plenary meeting of the fourth Party Central Committee held that year. In accordance with the line the Korean people consolidated their defence capability by their own efforts.

The US imperialists always referred to the socialist Korea that had attained the dignity of an independent country as an encumbrance. Taking advantage of the socialist collapse in some east European countries, the US imperialists further intensified the nuclear threat and blackmail against Korea, considering it a “dangerous entity” that might make a direct breach in the international order in the US-led new era. Whether to live as independent guards or become slaves—in answer to this question of history the Korean people prioritized the military affairs as the most important for the nation and put primary efforts into the development of the defence industry.

Frightened by the way the Korean people unyieldingly kept advancing along the road towards socialism of Juche in any harsh trials and difficulties, the US imperialists went so far as to designate Korea as “axis of evil” and a target of preemptive nuclear strike.

Flinching in the face of the US’s frantic nuclear campaign, the UN and even the powers around Korea followed in step with Washington while pursuing their own interests. There was nobody to trust. Dwelling on the situation, the Russian website Ruskaya Pravda wrote, “Korea resembles an enveloped fortress, and this is related to a constant threat from outside. In the protracted confrontation with the US the only way for Korea to keep its safety in case it is invaded is to have the capability to inflict an irretrievable loss to the invading country, that is, nukes. There is no other alternative in the world where the jungle law is prevailing.”

The Korean people needed a mighty nuclear deterrent to defend their sovereignty and dignity.

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