The Central Mushroom Institute is in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Scientists at the institute have developed various health foods and medicines by using the pharmacological property of mushroom.

Jong Kang Mo, Section Chief of the Central Mushroom Institute under the Ministry of Agriculture, says: “The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to our institute in October Juche 102(2013) shortly after its construction. That day he instructed on conducting researches to make health foods and medicines with medicinal mushroom. True to his instructions, we have established a technology of cultivating different kinds of medicinal mushroom and on this basis, conducted persistent researches to develop health foods and medicines.

In those days we have developed hedgehog-shaped mushroom nutritive pills and mushroom peptic nutritive pills effective for treatment of gastric ulcer and digestive system, and the Mannyon mushroom hepatic capsules efficacious for liver protection.” Mushroom has a lot of proteins and a lot of essential amino acid necessary to man. As it has many medicative elements, it is efficacious for treatment of different kinds of diseases.

Choe Sung Jin and other researchers of the institute have paid attention to such pharmacological property of mushroom and made a comprehensive and profound analysis of the ingredients in Koryo pharmaceuticals widely known as medicinal mushroom from olden times.

In the course they had the firm belief that they can make health foods and medicines with great pharmacological effect when they add some ingredients of Koryo pharmaceuticals to the main raw materials such as ganoderma and hedgehog-shaped mushroom which are widely used as Koryo pharmaceuticals.

They repeated experiments and completed a unique manufacturing method which can maximize medicinal effects while keeping the effective elements of the mushroom. They have conducted dynamic researches to introduce new medicines they have developed to the clinical practice.

Different kinds of health foods and medicines for the promotion of health have been developed in a short span of time thanks to the high enthusiasm for pursuit of the researchers of the institute to value and further develop theirs. The health foods and medicines developed by them are popular among the users.

Section Chief Jong Kang Mo says: “Not resting content with our success, we will more dynamically conduct researches and develop more health foods and medicines conducive to the improvement of the people’s health.”