Signal achievements have been made in the educational work of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea this year.

The universal 12-year compulsory education has been enforced on an overall scale and more than 90 technical senior middle schools emerged to teach technical subjects for different sectors of national economy in keeping with the economic and geological specific features of relevant regions. Hundreds of valuable scientific research achievements conducive to putting education on a modern and IT basis were made.

About 750 school-buildings across the country were erected or refurnished and thus 4 400 odd classrooms newly appeared and at least 25 500 classrooms or laboratories were refurnished.

The educational system of the country has been further improved in line with the requirements of the new century.

At all universities school systems, departments, courses and chairs were rearranged and the work for developing the continuous high educational system has been conducted.

The Education Commission made up more than 130 kinds of multimedia programs for supporting the teaching to help all the schools use them thorough state-run network from the new school year. And it provided all the junior and senior middle schools with necessary apparatuses for experiment and practice.

Amid a high-pitched drive for giving priority to education, radical leaps were made in improving the educational conditions and circumstances.

Provided by: KCNA