In the DPRK that regards educational work as a patriotic undertaking of everlasting significance for the future of the country, a dynamic drive is being waged to bring about a radical improvement in education in the new century. And amid the drive the Pyongyang Teachers Training College was reconstructed as befits a pedigree farm for training teachers.

The college with a total floor space of over 24 100 square metres has modern multifunctional lecture rooms, education control room, educational science exhibition hall, library, gym, dormitory and others.

In its effort to implement the WPK’s policy of putting education on a highly scientific, IT and modern footing, it has equipped itself with cutting-edge educational apparatuses, sophisticated teaching tools and management and operation facilities, and is striving to effect a turn in the educational work and study.

With a high sense of being responsible for educational work and becoming masters in bringing about a radical improvement in education in the new century, its lecturers are devoting their ardent patriotic enthusiasm and pure conscience to the work and pooling their wisdom and efforts to develop and introduce advanced teaching methods.

As all the lecture rooms are turned into multifunctional ones, including a room for practical training in how to teach primary school pupils, a room for acquiring teaching methods for experiment in natural science and a room for diffusing the technique of developing children’s intelligence, students are provided with ample conditions for conducting specialized practical training in virtual and actual situations.

The college has adopted the method of evaluating students’ performance by teachers’ standard and other teaching methods in a classroom furnished to combine school education and family education.

The sports hall and indoor swimming pool in the college’s gym laid out to hold political and cultural events as well as various sports games become the favourite haunts for both teaching staff and students.

The library likened to the Sci-Tech Complex in its miniature version has a large collection of books, has access to the central database for information and to other universities to receive education online from well-qualified lecturers. The finely reconstructed Pyongyang Teachers Training College, true to its mission as a pedigree farm for the training of the teachers, is bringing up its students to be competent teachers for the future of the country.

Article: Kim Hyon

Photo: Choe Won Chol, Kim Yun Hyok