The light industry field of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea increases production by accelerating the modernization of the equipment and production processes under the banner of self-reliance.

The Sinuiju Textile Mill playing a big role in the development of light industry of the country has remade looms, the equipment for basic production, getting a lot of economic profits.

Deputy Chief Engineer Kim Myong Ho says:

“On the basis of detailed analysis of the production processes, we have set a bold goal to convert more than 300 looms into the equipment of high performance. If the goal is attained, the number of the looms of the mill will be greatly reduced and then, the production processes will be definitely turned into the manpower- and electricity-saving and intensive technology-based structures.”

In the mill all have turned out to perfect the existing production structure as economical one within this year and are facilitating the work.

The technicians and skilled workers pool their creative wisdom and efforts to convert all the shuttle looms into pneumatic looms with high productivity.

They have already made by themselves tens of thousand parts of pneumatic looms, converting one hundred and tens of shuttle looms into pneumatic ones. The productivity of the pneumatic loom is three times higher than the previous shuttle loom. Besides, an operator can work over three looms more than before and as a result, the productivity per head has got higher. After all, it has been clearly proved that a large quantity of cloth can be produced with less manpower in the future. The mill has also pushed ahead with the work to increase the performance of the flexible rapier along with the remodelling of the shuttle loom and rebuilt the gearing of over 90 flexible rapiers, increasing productivity.

The cloth production will increase thanks to the high enthusiasm of the officials and employees of the Sinuiju Textile Mill getting greater economic profits through technical innovations under the banner of self-reliance and self-sufficiency.