Good rearing of a child is very important for a family because it is related with the future of the family, and equally important is for a nation to bring up youths because it affects its destiny.

Then, what is the real state of youths in capitalist societies?

As for the employment of youths in the US, the number of the jobless accounts for 18.8% of the total unemployment. The EU statistics show that the unemployed under the age of 25 in the EU countries as of April 2017 amount to 4.2 million.

More serious is their morality. An American youth of thirties beat his grandfather to death on some offensive words in mid April 2017 and a youth living in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan stabbed her grandparents with knife to death.

As seen above, the youth affair in the US and other capitalist countries is a matter more serious than the crises of environment, food, energy and water that mankind is faced with in the 21st century.

While the young people in capitalist countries are pushed to the extremities of the society to become victims of the social evils, those in socialist Korea are held as treasures and pride of the nation enjoying a superb prestige. The typical example is the case of builders of the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station. The young people there waged an indomitable struggle determined to fulfill the order of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in the severe cold of -30℃.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the Power Station on the eve of the completion one day in September, Juche 104 (2015). Inspecting the high dam, he said: It is good-looking. It seems to see the mettle of our youths soaring high to the sky from the near, and from afar, the look of youth contingent forming a fortress or shield to defend the Party centre.

That day he named the station as the Paektusan Hero Youth Power Station saying that all of our young people are heroes. As for the concept of a powerful nation, they often referred so far to the size of population, land, resources, military and economic capabilities.

But a change is to be made to the concept, knowing and witnessing the wonderful realities of Korea where the youth problem was successfully solved and the country is pushed forward by the vigor of the youth.

Korea renowned as a youth power, it shows a clear-cut difference between socialism and capitalism the international community is realizing acutely through the solution of the youth problem.