Workteam No. 2 of Workshop No. 2 of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill has carried out its annual quota for the national economic plan ahead of schedule in recent several years. When I visited the mill to know the secret of it, Jon Kum Sil, leader of the aforesaid workteam, showed me her work-team’s production diary. At first I guessed that it only had names and figures, but what I saw to my surprise was lines fi lling its pages without margins. To my inquiring look Jon said they were what she used to put down in her spare moments.

July 29, 2016

It seems that one who is aware of one’s own strength can do anything. Today the young silk reeler Ri Yun Hui broke the record. The girl began to strive in December last year, and she has set a new record by operating 20 more spindles than Im Song Hwa. The moment she took a completed reel of thread off the last spindle, my Devoted Efforts for Production Silk thread production is on the increase. workteam ful filled the day’s production plan ahead of schedule.

Well, it can be said that the workteam’s production increase is largely attributable to the effort of the innovators who have waged a dynamic campaign to overtake others. But it is also partly attributable to the support of assistant reelers: They were the first to put the machines in good working conditions soon after a shift of production, removed by products from cocoons in time and often tied broken thread when it was out of silk reelers’ reach. They think that they are contributing to the honour of the innovator workteam. Impressive was what Yun Hui said when she had the aged mechanic Ko Hyon A stand before a photographer who had come to take photos to be pasted on the billboard for the honoured. “She’s the mother of innovators,” said the young woman. There is the “mother” of the innovator workteam—it is the spirit of valuing and helping each other.

May 3, 2017

Today my workteam had a new member, Ri Ok Sim by name. Amusingly, all members of my workteam were overzealous as if they intended to make a high-skilled worker of the “newcomer” at once. However, Ri only followed Hyon Chung Sim, head of the first shift. Actually, Hyon’s skill of tying thread strikes everybody with wonder, and she explains things plainly. So it is natural that Ri, who hopes to become a hero silk reeler, chooses Hyon to follow. The other aged workers, who had once taught Hyon the knack of working, are now learning her simpler method of tying thread quickly. The spirit of my workteam members teaching and learning from one another reminds me of the following formula: Learning from others + swapping experience=high skill=actual results.

February 1, 2018

Today another member of my workteam has joined the ranks of students of the online college. My workteam is full of new enthusiasm for learning hard to become scientific and technical personnel. Most of them are distinguishing themselves as masters of invention. On the basis of the knowledge she had acquired at the online college Kim Un Sim, graduate of the college, proposed a technical innovation plan conducive to increasing the quality of silk thread by equalizing the thickness of thread. It was fruit of her repeated study at the sci-tech learning space and continuous application of the result to production activity. Thanks to the innovation plan the quantity of products and the rate of passed goods rose remarkably. Indeed, an innovator today does not mean the one who sweats more than others.

Article: Ri Kum Chol