The National Costume Production Group of the Korean Minye Corporation is known to the whole country for its excellent Korean clothes.

It is not only because the production group serves the clients with Korean clothes retaining national mood and modernity according to their fancy.

It is because in the National Korean Clothes Shows held every year, different kinds of Korean clothes such as wedding clothes, holiday dresses, everyday dresses and children’s clothes presented by the production group draw the attention of the contestants and visitors.

The books dealing with Korean clothes also preferentially introduce the Korean clothes including chima and jogori(skirt and jacket) for women and trousers and coat for men manufactured by the production group.

In the 15th National Korean Clothes Show last year several persons of the well-known production group became winners unusually.

Head of the Group Kim Hye Ok says:

“The Korean clothes, a pride of the Korean nation, can be said to be representing the national sentiments of the Korean people who love graceful and simple yet gentle beauty.

So we make all sincere efforts to represent the unique nationality of the Korean people in the clothes we make.

We make a deep study of the attire customs of the Korean nation and earnestly discuss even a design of pattern to be drawn on the national clothes. In this way we pool our creative wisdom and passion.

It is a unanimous resolve of all members of our production group to do the duty of the Korean clothes experts in developing the excellent tradition and culture of the Korean nation.”

The employees of the production group regard it as their pride to have become Korean clothes experts. They have experienced the excellence of the national clothes more keenly than others while making Korean clothes in the past. They know too well that the Korean clothes represent the long history and culture, and the spirit and soul of the Korean nation and they are permeated with its pure feelings and sentiments.

They devote their pure conscience to the development of the national clothes. They enrich their knowledge of the attire customs handed down in history and repeat technical discussions to complete designs of patterns to be printed on the Korean clothes, pooling their creative wisdom and enthusiasm.

Making the Korean chima and jogori, they combine the traditional colours and modern colours properly, retaining the unique structural elements including the collars, strings and collar strips, thus making the colours and patterns of the clothes graceful and beautiful. They keep the characteristics of different kinds of national costumes according to the seasons, places and ages as well as ceremonial costumes for the first birthday and wedding.

Section Chief  Pak Song Rim says:

“The Korean clothes are unique not only in form and colour but also in the processing method which is superior in the world. We will do everything in our power in the future to realize the lofty intention of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un on retaining and developing the excellence of the nation.”