The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un looked round the newly built Changjon Street on September 4 2012. There he first called on the family of Sim Tong Su, a lecturer of the Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering (at that time). They were too surprised to greet him enough.

With a broad smile he freely entered the room and asked when they moved to the new flat and whether they have any inconvenience in it. Then he was shown to the living rooms and kitchen and tried a tap in the washroom.

Declining the cushion given to him by the lady of the house, he sat informally on the floor of the room together with the family and said: Having been briefed that those assigned to the new flats were very pleased; I planned to visit the new movers, but could not make time so far. How about the new flat?

They told him excitedly in chorus that the new flats were excellent and the interior, furniture and all others were quite satisfactory.

Saying that he himself felt pleased seeing the host contented, and although our custom is to bring matches to the new movers, he brought household goods too as well as the matches. Then he took out the goods he brought.

They walked on the air touching the LCD TV with a large display, crockery and “collection of world fairy tales” he brought.

While asking their professions he was quite satisfied to know the host, hostess and his two daughters were all teachers and lecturers.

Then he said that in our society the educators’ family was most respected and preferentially treated, accordingly they were fully deserved to live in a new flat.

Just as a towering tree has its root underground, so the devotion and sincerity of the teachers and lecturers are known by the rising generation serving for the prosperity of the country. This is a patriotic family devoting their conscience to bringing up the future of the country. I had a good time to see you, he said.

That day he had a photograph taken for memory together with them.