Under the sagacious leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea which regards as its life and soul to make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people, fine structures representative of the affection for the people are built one after another.

The hostel of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill that was inaugurated in January is one of them. The seven-storey hostel is furnished with all the things needed for the convenience of the workers in life.

Each room of the hostel has bookshelves, wardrobes and a dressing table so that the girls feel delighted as putting on makeup, and the area for sports and amusement games is laid out to make them pursue cultural and leisure activities to their heart’s content. The hostel is, indeed, closely associated with the loving care of the Party as a mother does to her daughters.

Every floor has a cooking practice ground in which the girls can make food on their own and learn culinary skills. The hostel employs a supply system of lighting, cooling and heating by solar and geothermal energy, and is linked with Jindallae Health Complex, a comprehensive welfare service facility of the mill, through outdoor corridor. The girl workers of the mill lead a pleasant and optimistic life in such a hostel which provides them with all the conveniences and cultured environment and conditions

The cooking practice grounds are always full of girls who are making various foods which their mothers would prepare for them and entertaining their mates to the table. Table tennis games that engage residents of the rooms and floors develop often into the competitions between workshops. After games the competitors refresh themselves, having soft drinks at the stalls.

In the study rooms girls are engrossed in acquiring advanced science and technology. The working people of the mill affectionately call the hostel their palace, hotel or sweet home, and strive to increase silk thread production.

Article: Kim Un Gyong