The Chollima Steel Complex is bringing about an upsurge in production to supply sufficient iron and steel to the major construction sites in the spirit of the historic April Plenary Meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The officials of the complex are specifically organizing production so that all workshops can finish high iron and steel production plans in time unconditionally, while incessantly creating new standards and new records in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance. Especially they, deeply conscious of the importance of the duty of officials, leading personnel in the grand march of Mallima, go down to the production sites and, solving knotty problems, lead producers with their own examples.

Standing in the van of the innovations are the smelters of the Steel Workshop in charge of the preceding process of the iron and steel production. With a resolve to greet the 70th founding anniversary of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with brilliant achievements in production they are boosting steel production while proactively creating conditions for production. Especially they continue to shorten melting time while increasing the output of molten iron per charge through active technical innovation movement.

The Rolling Workshop positively pursues and introduces rational working methods by dint of science and technology, making a breakthrough for increased rolled steel production. The officials and workers of the workshop actively introduce working methods to raise actual production rate and shorten the workpiece-cutting time, thus increasing output.

The workers and technicians in charge of raw materials discharge high responsibility in assorting main and secondary raw materials and at the same time, promote technical upgrading and remodeling of equipment, producing a lot of quality pulverized coal.

The Steel Preparation Workshop and different other workshops brave through all difficulties, making an active contribution to increasing the iron and steel production.

The successes will continue to be expanded in the iron and steel production thanks to the high enthusiasm of the officials, workers and technicians of the complex who have turned out as one to carry out the tasks presented in the April Plenary Meeting of the Party Central Committee.