Last February the Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans was built wonderfully as appropriate to the cradle of life and learning for parentless children, thanks to the love of the Workers’ Party of Korea for the rising generation and the future of the country.

Built side by side with the Pyongyang Middle School for Orphans with a fence in between, the Pyongyang Primary School for Orphans is furnished in a picturesque way as suited to the psychological features of the children, resembling a fairy land.

The school occupies an area of thousands of square metres with school building, dormitory and outdoor playing ground. All its classrooms are made multi-functional and IT-based in conformity with the characteristics of a primary education unit, and school fixtures are fully supplied.

The rooms for education in Kim Jong Il’s patriotism, children’s union committee, nature observation, music and dance distribution and others are furnished to make students cultivate the love for the country, the organization and collective and to give sufficient general basic knowledge and sports and art education.

Lining the walls of the corridors are diverse range of pictures and others that satisfy the juvenile mind of the students and ensure visual, scientific and vivid effects, thus making all the spaces devoted to acquiring knowledge and common senses. Bedrooms, dining hall, barber’s, medical treatment room and others in the dormitory are well furnished lest the orphans feel the slightest inconvenience in life.


The students are studying zealously to become competent personnel to shoulder the future of the country. The sounds of learning and singing of the students from the school echo throughout the country, giving strong impetus to the advancing socialism.