The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un, regarding good upbringing of the children as a very important issue concerning the future of the country, pays special concern to their education.

He visited the Pyongyang Baby Home and Orphanage on January 1, Juche 104(2015).

He first went to the Pyongyang Baby Home. Proposing to see the children take lunch as it was lunchtime, he dropped in at the dining hall and then looked round a child-care room, bedroom and wading pool. When he reached the intellectual play room, he found children assembling figures and pictures.

Seeing them with satisfaction, he praised them for their good puzzle game and approached the bookshelf in the room. Picking up the book “We Learn Our Mother Tongue”, he told the accompanying officials to print many books for intellectual education of children and send them not only to the Pyongyang Baby Home and Orphanage but also to all the baby homes and orphanages across the country.

Until that time the officials could not understand the deep meaning of his painstaking efforts devoted to the illustrated books for intellectual education of children.

After looking round the Pyongyang Baby Home, he went to the Orphanage and entered the intellectual play room, where he learned again if there were illustrated books for intellectual education. An official of the orphanage said they had many and picked one from a bookshelf and presented it to him. After seeing it with deep attention, he picked up another illustrated book from other bookshelf, leafed it through and said with pleasure: There are many books in the intellectual play room. The books “We Learn Our Mother Tongue” and “Let Us Think” are good books in developing the intelligence of the children.

He wore a bright smile on his face with an illustrated book in his hand and called once again for printing a greater number of such books and sending them to the baby homes and orphanages throughout the country. Looking up to him, the officials felt their hearts warming up.

The illustrated books he saw repeatedly during his field guidance to the Pyongyang Baby Home and Orphanage are permeated with his deep intention to bring up the children across the country as talents of world standard with high intelligence and noble civilization.

Jang Tae Gil, researcher of the Educational Books Publishing House, says:

“The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un praised the books for intellectual education of children published at our Educational Books Publishing House.

Not content with such successes, our creators will make more toys easy to assemble and intellectual books and common-sense books of different kinds which help to constantly increase the imagination and creativity of the children.”