Choe Tong Il, Director of the Machine Designing Institute of the Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering, has been chosen as one of the best scientists and technicians of the country of 2017 in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for his great contribution to the development and manufacture of different kinds of latest machinery and equipment required in the industrial fields.

Hyon Song Chol, Section Chief of the Institute, says:

“Director Choe always thinks and practises with one thought of how to successfully solve the problems the party desires and attaches importance to in the shortest possible time and on the highest level.

That is why all scientists of our institute see the motto of life of scientists of our era in his passionate looks.

All the successes achieved by our institute are unthinkable apart from his burning devotion.”

Choe Tong Il is a man of ability, a pride of the university.

During his student days at the university, he was widely known to the whole of the university as well as to his faculty for his outstanding scholarly performance in the field of his specialization.

When he was a postgraduate, he distinguished himself as a promising scientist in his 20s for his research findings to markedly raise the performance of the weaving machinery.

Later he presented valuable research findings conducive to the  automation in the fields of textile industry and light industry one after another.

Besides, Choe Tong Il, together with other scientists of the university and the institute, kept scaling peaks of advanced science and technology and established in a short time an unmanned sanitory goods production process at the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill which can automatically control all the working processes ranging from feeding of raw materials to packing of goods.

Recently, he went to a number of coal and other mines together with a research team and conducted vigorous scientific research activities in close cooperation with the officials, technicians and employees. As a result, he established unmanned production processes on a high level everywhere he went.

Now he is repeating meditations and pursuit with a resolve to implement the plan of the Workers’ Party of Korea on building an economic giant with greater successes in scientific research.

Doctor and Associate Professor Choe Tong Il says: “I, an ordinary scientist, have become a February 16 Science and Technology Prize Winner under the grateful socialist system.

I will always remember the great love and trust of the WPK, the mother Party, which has trained and put me forward, and devote my all to scientific research.

True to the New Year Address of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un for this year, I will develop a greater number of world-standard mechanical products of our style, making an active contribution to the building of a powerful country with greater successes in scientific research.”