Drive for increased production is active in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to attain the goals of the five-year strategy for national economic development.

The officials and employees of the Munchon Coal Mine under the Chonnae Area Coal-Mining Complex in Kangwon Province, well aware of the importance of their task in the coal production of the country, are increasing coal production by giving priority to science and technology.

Choe Man Bok, Deputy Chief Engineer of the Munchon Coal Mine, says:

“The demand for coal is daily increasing along with the rapid development of the national economy. It demands the officials and workers of the coal industry dig out more coal.

The coal mine has found the main way to increase coal production in science and technology and always given primary efforts to increasing the might of science and technology.

We have built our own technical force and actively disseminated science and technology and thus firmly turned technical innovation into the work of the producers themselves.

In those days the creativity of the producers has been enhanced and many valuable technical innovation proposals produced, which resulted in the increase of coal production.”

The officials of the coal mine are meticulously organizing the work to expand the successes in coal production this year which is of great significance in attaining the goals of the five-year strategy for national economic development in the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance.

They have organized socialist emulation between units to overfulfil the coal production plan and forcefully roused the masses to the increased coal production.

The coal mine has given priority to tunnelling and prepared many preliminary cutting faces, opening a firm prospect to increase coal production.

The officials and employees have also built concrete prop production base with their efforts and technology. In this way they are further expanding the successes in coal production through the vigorous drive for increased production with a single mind, all thinking of the increased coal production alone.

Deputy Chief Engineer Choe Man Bok says: “We will, in the future, too, solve all problems arising in coal production by ourselves in the spirit of self-reliance and by dint of science and technology.”