The Ryesong River meandering round Kumchon County in North Hwanghae Province becomes a new attraction to the local people, since there have appeared mobile cage-nets for fish farming and a service ship with a colourful, octagonal roof.

The mobile cage-nets teeming with fishes of various species, such as carp, crucian carp, snakehead and mandarin fish, present a fantastic view, adding charm to the picturesque river. More conspicuous are the people who enjoy tasty dishes in traditional cuisine with fishes just taken out of water.

This charming scene is a precious fruit of the devoted efforts made by the officials and working people in Kumchon County.

Fishes caught from the cage-nets are prepared and served on the service ship

Fishes caught from the cage-nets are prepared and served on the service ship

They have turned out as one to implement the policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea to provide its people with more bountiful diet by developing fish farming. After conducting scientific analysis of water quality and feed conditions of the river and selecting fish species for farming, they set up cage-nets and introduced a scientific and comprehensive system of controlling the supply of feed, examination of water quality, observation of fish growth, transmission of power and other management activities.


They also floated a service ship near the cage-nets so that the people could enjoy dishes of fresh fish. The service ship that accomodates over a hundred people and has a cage-net with lifting devices and full of various fishes is ready to meet the orders from the people. The distinctive scene of the Ryesong River gives pleasure to not only the locals but also the passers-by.