Changsong County in North Phyongan Province is located along the Amnok River in the northwestern tip of Korea. Mountains account for 95% of the county and its limited area of arable land was so barren that it was known as unfit for human inhabitation.

This remote mountainous region, however, underwent a tremendous change in the era of the WPK.

The tower erected to hand down the immortal achievements of President Kim Il Sung in creating the history of "golden mountains"

The tower erected to hand down the immortal achievements of President Kim Il Sung in creating the history of “golden mountains”

The mountains in the county, once the reason of loneliness and poverty in the past, turned into “golden mountains”, where various wild fruits are available and the valleys are covered with flocks of goats and sheep.

The people of Changsong became keenly aware during the Arouds March and the forced march that fairyland in which people lead an affluent and cultured life will neither come of its own accord nor be brought by others.

Fully determined that they would develop theirs into the county envied by other without fail by making maximum use of existing assets and potentiality, not blaming circumstances and conditions, they have stepped up the production at the locally-run factories as well as farming and animal husbandry.

The Changsong Foodstuff Factory, with a high aim of leading others in the processing of wild fruits, established an integrated manufacturing system and made strenous efforts to improve the quality of the products. Its Hwanggumsan brand food products are greatly favoured by the customers from Pyongyang and other parts of the country as natural health drinks and foods.

The furniture factory, textile mill and other factories in the county have reconstructed their production lines on a modern basis and turned out a large quantity of quality consumer goods with raw and other materials available in the county. They satisfy the demands of the county people and even send their products to other counties.

Based on the revitalized local economy and the foundations laid for the improvement of the people’s livelihood, the county erected the Undok Health Complex and county people’s hospital on the bank of Yongju River in the county town two years previously. And last year a project of buildings embankments of the Yongju River in the town area and the construction of 50 dwelling houses in Kumya-ri were completed. This year 40 households were moved to new houses built in the county town. At present several multi-storey apartment buildings are nearing completion and a children’s park is under construction in the town, thereby facelifting the appearance of the county.

The county people are enjoying their cultural and leisure activities at a higher level.

Changsong County has an endless stream of visitors from other parts of the country who want to witness the rapidly-changing realities of the county.

Article: Choe Kwang Ho

Photo: Ri Kwang Song