The Jangjae and Mu Islets are found in the area of the West Sea of Korea.

The respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un visited the islets in August Juche 101(2012). First, he called at the Jangjae Islet and took warm care of the lives of servicepersons, saying he had come to see them at the islet defence detachment far from the land. Saying all of the servicepersons defending their post assigned by the country, seen or unseen, on the secluded islet, are revolutionaries and patriots, he underscored the need to provide them with good living conditions so that they could not long for the land.

Then, he went to the Mu Islet and acquainted himself with the living of servicemen’s families as well as with how water and electricity were supplied. And he said that as he always stresses, it is necessary to look after the servicepersons on the islet with special concern more than any other unit.

Afterwards, he indicated the orientation of construction of the islet defence detachments and examined their design. Thanks to his meticulous concern, tremendous changes were made on the Jangjae and Mu Islets.

In September Juche 102(2013), Kim Jong Un visited the islets again and looked round the new barracks and residential quarters built in place of the former buildings.

Barracks, education rooms, wash-cum-bath houses, mess halls and others were built on the highest level to the convenience of the servicepersons’ living. The houses for the servicemen’s families resembled a rest home.

The neat and cosy houses were equipped with a complete set of household furnishings. New kindergartens and branch schools were also built on the islets. The Jangjae and Mu Islets have turned into new islet posts and villages thanks to the great loving care of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.