The Ryuwon Footwear Factory in Pyongyang is called a smart factory.

The factory could be changed wonderfully thanks to the wise guidance of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un who remains true to the noble love of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il for the people.

Manageress Kim Yun Sil has this to say:

“With a noble intention to provide the people with diverse smart shoes the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il always learned about the condition of the factory and were greatly interested in the variety and quality of the shoes produced at the factory after they had our factory built in 1988.

True to their noble desire, the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un called at our factory in January 2015 despite the intense cold of midwinter and gave important instructions on the footwear industry. And he also solved all problems arising in the modernization of the factory.”

Infinitely encouraged by the field guidance of Kim Jong Un, the officials and employees of the factory turned out as one and face-lifted the factory into a modern footwear producer with great capacity in a short span of time.

It was Kim Jong Un who was most pleased to hear the news.

Manageress Kim Yun Sil says:

“The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un visited our factory again in October 2017. Looking around at the full view of the factory, he highly praised, saying it is a factory worthy of pride, a perfect factory.

He saw all the shoes we produced with our own strength, technology and equipment despite the isolation and suffocation moves of the imperialists, and praised us.”

Looking round the integrated production control room, cutting workshop, sewing workshop, shoemaking workshop and all other production processes of the factory changed beyond recognition, Kim Jong Un repeatedly praised the producers of the factory, saying it is good to have optimized the production and quality and the wisdom of our people is inexhaustible.

Too pleased over the change of the factory, he said: I have looked round the Ryuwon Footwear Factory with great satisfaction. The sound of machines for increased production loud in the factory sounds like a vigorous march of the army and people building a prosperous and powerful socialist country with the great power of self-reliance and self-development, full of confidence in victory and optimism.

His high praise moved the officials and workers of the factory to tears.

Kim Jong Un did not mention his efforts devoted to the change of the factory, but ascribed all the successes to the workers of the factory.

His high praise represented his trust and love who valued the efforts of the workers devoted to the change of the factory.

Today the workers of the factory are increasing production, elated by his trust and noble love for the people.