August 25 is a very meaningful day for the Korean service personnel and people. Whenever the day comes around, they look back with deep emotion on the history of Songun-based revolutionary leadership of General Kim Jong Il.

Kim Jong Il among KPA service personnel at a frontline post [September Juche 84 (1995)]

Kim Jong Il among KPA service personnel at a frontline post [September Juche 84 (1995)]

Kim Jong Il, endowed with unexcelled leadership ability and outstanding personality and qualifications as befits the people’s leader and brilliant military commander, inspected the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su Guards 105th Tank Division of the KPA on this day 57 years ago. Since then he vigorously carried forward the Songunbased revolutionary leadership replete with thoroughgoing antiimperialism and independence, boundless patriotic devotion, absolute trust in and parental affection for his service personnel and people.

Notably, during the periods of Arduous March and forced march in the 1990s he set out on the long road of the Songunbased leadership, holding higher the banner of Songun and displaying a do-or-die spirit, to defend the country and the people. It was the arduous road beset with trying ordeals unprecedented in the history of the world.

In those days he was always at the outposts of military units in national defence and led the simple and guerrilla-style life.

Putting forward the Korean People’s Army as the main force of revolution and the buttress of the country, he conducted a historic inspection of the Dwarf Pine Post of the KPA on January 1, Juche 84 (1995). He inspected the Persimmon Tree Company and other units of the KPA, crossed the Chol Pass and Mt Osong, and visited Panmunjom and Cho Island, thus developing the KPA into invincible revolutionary army defending death-defyingly the leadership of the revolution as well as defending and creating the people’s happiness.

In Juche 85 (1996) alone he travelled a long distance of over 10 000 km to inspect the KPA units. It clearly manifested his painstaking efforts and warm devotion to the KPA service personnel.

Whenever he visited military units, he looked round the barracks, mess halls, bath houses, food storehouses and outdoor resting places to acquaint himself with the living of the soldiers. He felt the thickness of the padded uniforms of the soldiers on his way of military inspection and took measures to provide them with better uniforms and shoes for winter. When he saw the artistic performances, recreation parties, volleyball and basketball games given by the company soldiers, he ensured that they enjoyed the cultural and leisure activities.

One January day in Juche 100 (2011), Kim Jong Il talked to the senior commanding officers of the KPA in the following vein, in deep recollection of his whole life devoted to Songun: I started my Songun-based revolutionary leadership with the inspection of the People’s Army upholding the lofty intention of President Kim Il Sung, and led the revolution and construction by believing in the People’s Army and relying on it. I went to remote mountainous areas and islands, where there are my soldiers, in order to develop the KPA into an army of the leader and the Party, and exerted all possible efforts to increase military capabilities.

Thanks to the long road of Kim Jong Il’s Songun-based leadership of patriotic devotion, the Korean revolution could always emerge victorious, surmounting every manner of historical vicissitude. And the Korean service personnel and people are now working historic, never-before-seen miracles, following the Songun-based revolutionary leadership Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is brilliantly carrying forward, and advancing towards a bright future of a thriving socialist country.

Article : Choe Kwang Ho