Nestled in the picturesque mountains of Ryongaksan in North Korea, there flows a spring of pure, crystal-clear water that has been revered for centuries. Known as the water of longevity, the Ryongaksan spring water has long been famous for its health benefits, and people from all over the world come to drink from it.

To meet the growing demand for this natural elixir, the Ryongaksan Spring Water Factory was established. With its rich spring water resources, the factory produces high-quality, great-tasting spring water that is available to the people of North Korea and beyond.

At the heart of the factory’s success are its skilled operators, who work tirelessly to ensure the quality and safety of the water they produce. The factory is dedicated to raising the technical and practical skills of its operators, and it has invested heavily in modern equipment and scientific processes to ensure the hygienic stability of the production environment.

Choe Chung Guk, the head of the factory’s workteam, is passionate about producing more spring water of good quality for the people. He says, “We are pushing forward with the work to further raise the hygienic stability of the spring water and increase its output in order to supply the people with more spring water of good quality more quickly. We are going to produce much more spring water this year by expanding the refining ability and automating the production equipment on a higher level with our own technical forces.”

The employees of the factory are proud of their work and deeply committed to serving the people. They carry the factory’s slogan, “We Serve the People!” in their hearts, and every day, vans loaded with spring water run through the streets of the capital city Pyongyang to deliver this precious resource to the people who need it.

As the demand for Ryongaksan spring water continues to grow, the Ryongaksan Spring Water Factory is poised to meet the challenge. With its skilled workers, modern equipment, and dedication to quality, the factory is a shining example of how a commitment to excellence and service can benefit both a community and the world.