Kyonghung Kindergarten in Pothonggang District of Pyongyang is making great efforts to develop various teaching methods suited to the feelings of children.

Its headmistress Kim Hye Gyong said: Children are naive, simple and curious. It is not so easy to find out their buds of talent through conversations, actions, questions and answers, etc. and cultivate them.

Kindergarten teachers endeavour to develop teaching methods suited to the children’s feelings, while carefully observing their life during not only lessons but playtime and break.

They encourage children to play word puzzle and find antonyms of words competitively with a view to estimating their presentation and composition ability, and provide various playthings to those who are lack of tenacity and are fond of playing to find out their hobbies.

After making a close study of who is good at memory and observation of a natural phenomenon, who expresses exactly what he or she sees, hears and feels by means of writing, drawing and dancing, and who has an unusual sense of art while teaching a song, they teach children according to their inborn talents.

Children who cultivated their talents thanks to their painstaking efforts always took the special and first places in the competitions for talented children.