New-type trolleybuses can be seen running along streets of Pyongyang, the capital city of Korea. The buses markedly improved in performance and shape not only afford traf fi c convenience but also in- spire the citizens with con fi dence in their good future and pride in their own things. Some time ago we visited the Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory, the birthplace of those trolley buses.

Labour and Electricity-saving Factory

All production processes of the factory are labour and electricity-saving ones. The trolley bus assembly workshop has a modern and streamlined process. The officer guiding us said that they saved more labour than before by realizing remote control on the workshop for assembly of mobile carriage and all overhead cranes of the factory. And it made economic pro fi ts in no small measure by modernizing the electroplating process and the electric power supply system, and drastically lowered overall consumption of electricity by installing an electricity-saving induction furnace and introducing a far-infrared heating apparatus into the painting process. Meanwhile, the factory was ensuring promptness in direction of production on a high level by establishing a system of directing production based on a wireless network it formed by its own effort. This made it possible to save 30 percent of labour and electricity and double the production capacity, compared with before.

Manufacturer: Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory

All processes of the factory have something in common—most of the facilities in the factory are the fruit of its own effort and technology. The concerted efforts of its officers, workers and technicians led to the manufacture of over 800 facilities of 38 kinds for producing bodies and electric motors. Especially seven kinds of facilities including a traction speed test stand, a machine for moulding side walls of the body and a chassis aperture machining centre have superior technical characteristics. What is noteworthy is that some old facilities were made CNC-based to be very high in processing function and accuracy. Thanks to the facilities, the factory produces varieties of accessories including automatic breaker, which was previously impossible for the factory to do.

Workers of the electric motor shop newly produced electric motors of good control characteristic capable of increasing by 1.2 times the pulling force of the trolley buses

The words Manufacturer: Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factory inscribed on its every facility reflect its workers’ high spirit and its bright future.

Article: Ri Kum Chol