Officials of the Pyongyang City Rural Economic Committee have turned out in the march to carry out the tasks outlined by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address for this year. They keep concentrating great efforts on making a breakthrough for rich harvest in the vegetable farming.

They are implementing the lofty intention of the Workers’ Party of Korea on making a green revolution, finding a breakthrough for rich harvest in it.

They have recently built a comprehensive seed processing centre with their own strength and technology, in which all processes have been modernized. The centre can select, sort out, coat and dry seeds with coatings of high insecticidal, disinfecting and nutritive effect and pack them according to sorts of crops and their varieties and quantities.

When the issue on building the processing centre was raised, there were many objections and difficulties. But the officials firmly believed that a modern seed processing centre has to be built with their own hands to establish the system of supplying good seeds to the co-op farms so as to increase the vegetable production onto higher level.

With such resolve the senior officials encouraged other officials with their own example to do two- or three-man’s work and thus built the centre in a short time.

While building the centre, the officials prepared necessary equipment and highly effective coatings. In close cooperation with institutions concerned they established Juche-oriented seed processing process. They manufactured selector, sorter, coater, drier, packer and all other facilities with their hands. They also secured containers of proper sizes and sufficient amount of coatings with high insecticidal, disinfecting and nutritive effect.

The “Phurunssak”-trademarked vegetable seeds treated with highly effective coatings and packed in standardized quantity were disseminated not only in the city but in different other parts of the country.

The seeds processed at the centre are high in germinating rate, secure in storage and long in the period of use. The cost of vegetable production can be greatly reduced as only ripe seeds are selected, coated, packed and supplied.

As a result, the officials of the Pyongyang City Rural Economic Committee have made another big step forward in the implementation of the party policy on effecting a green revolution. On the basis of the breakthrough made for rich harvest, they are making continued innovations and uninterrupted advance toward a new success.