In the DPRK, a nationwide campaign is going on to turn Samjiyon County of Ryanggang Province covering the area of Mt Paektu into a model of modern mountainous town, an ideal socialist village.

The whole area of Samjiyon County is regarded as the biosphere sanctuary of Mt Paektu, the largest sanctuary in the country. It was also listed as a world biosphere sanctuary in April 1989.

In this sanctuary, well-known to the world as a scenic spot, there are the Paektusan Secret Camp where Chairman Kim Jong Il was born and revolutionary battle sites and historic sites including the Samjiyon Revolutionary Battle Site.

Mt Paektu, the starting point of the Great Paektu Ranges, is famous for its ecological environment and historical and cultural significance.

The mountain, with height of 2 750 meters above the sea level, presents a spectacular sight in harmony with vast plateau around it and Lake Chon on it which was formed by volcanic activities.

Its landscape is characterized by vast forests, Lake Samji, waterfalls deriving from Lake Chon, alpine flower gardens and the peculiar ecosystem consisting of various species of animals and plants.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited Samjiyon County in July Juche 107 (2018) again and stressed that deep attention should be paid not to give any damage to the forest in the course of the county construction. He called for preserving the ecological environment in Mt Paektu area intact, mindful that the area is a sacred place of revolution where every tree and every blade of grass can never be neglected.