Officials and employees of the Sinuiju Unha Garment Factory in North Phyongan Province are deeply conscious of the importance of their duty in the present general offensive for improving the people’s livelihood and greatly increase production from the beginning of the year.

Kang Chol, Manager of the Sinuiju Unha Garment Factory, says: “This year we are conducting the dynamic drive for outstripping, learning from and swapping experiences with others, pooling creative wisdom and passion with each other, in hearty response to the historic New Year Address of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un. We have found a fundamental way to boost production in science and technology and induce all the employees including technicians and skilled workers to turn out as one in the technical innovations.”

The factory overfulfilled its last year’s assignment under the national economic plan ahead of schedule.

The secret lay in the enterprising working manner and attitude of the officials of the factory.

The officials of the factory are working, only thinking of how to make the factory a powerful one discharging its responsibility properly this year, too, as last year. Well aware that when priority is given to science and technology, they can energize production and carry out the technical reconstruction of factory with success, they are concentrating great efforts on technical innovations before production.

Especially they help the workers to have a correct viewpoint on science and technology and often organize a passing-on-technique session, exhibition and others to enhance their technical knowledge and skills.

As a result, the technical innovation has turned into the work of the masses themselves and is conducted more dynamically at the factory from the beginning of the year.

The officials and employees constantly make valuable technical innovation proposals, greatly boosting production. Enthusiasm for production is also increasing because the employees have greater attachment to the factory. Manager Kang Chol says: “We will continue to hold high the banner of self-development-first principle in the future to satisfactorily solve all the problems on a high level by dint of science and technology.

So we will increase production with loyalty, true to the noble love of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un for the people.”