Choe Yon Hui, in her early 30s, has been working at the Hyongjesan District People’s Hospital in the capital city Pyongyang for more than 10 years. She is called “noted doctor” by inhabitants.

Her special skill is Koryo therapy combined with acupuncture, cupping and massage. Such high skill was neither a gift of nature nor a gift of long clinical career. It was possible as she made persistent thinking and pursuit with warm love for the human and responsibility for health of the inhabitants. In her university days she began to delve into the Koryo medicine.

While majoring in the clinical medicine she avidly read “Tonguibogam” and other national medical classics. In the course she was fascinated with the superiority of Koryo medicine created and developed by the Korean ancestors and its wonderful prescription and surprising curative value.

After graduating from the university she was assigned to the hospital and strove to raise her clinical technique as early as possible. She made a study of clinical symptoms appearing differently according to pathogenesis and constitutions and raised points in the advanced curative methods and experiences to probe their depth. Besides, she made profound researches to find out regions for acupuncture effective in treatment of diseases and introduce to clinical practices the curative methods combined with various physiotherapies and the efficacious Koryo medicines. Especially, she manufactured and used a device that can increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

In those days, her skill got better and last year, she was highly estimated at a seminar on medical science held in the field of public health.

Some time ago, she cured a woman who could not stand on her feet because of paraplegia, enabling her to walk on her feet after tens of days’ treatment. Choe Yon Hui says:

“Success in the treatment is unthinkable apart from the warm sincerity for patients and high clinical and practical qualifications. Whenever the patients are completely recovered by the excellent Koryo therapy of the Korean nation, I feel a pride as doctor.”

Choe Yon Hui is devoting all her wisdom and passion to promoting health of the inhabitants and curing patients with sincerity.