The Advanced Scientific Research Institution of Kim Il Sung University has a scientist who has made a great contribution to the development and establishment of production technology for producing fuel which is of strategic significance in the economic development of the country with domestic resources.

He is Kim Sung Chol, Director of the Nano Technology Institute. As a leading official of the institute, he always pays deep attention to the trend of the development of modern science and technology. With high ability and personal examples, he has always played a leading role in successfully solving all problems arising in the scientific researches and management.

“We should develop nano technology-based products with a world competitive edge by ourselves.”

This is his scientific faith.

With such faith, he has thought and worked with an innovative eye of keeping our feet firmly planted on this land and looking out over the world. He has fuelled enthusiasm for collective emulation and launched a vigorous drive for surpassing the cutting edge in scientific researches with tireless passion. He has set a high goal to establish a new methanol gasoline production technology as demanded by the developing reality that the development and use of substitute fuel are a world trend and aroused the officials and scientists of the institute to the researches for hitting it.

What he attached importance to in the researches was to develop new additives based on nano technology.

He repeated speculation and pursuit while deepening the study of the latest scientific and technological data on it. He solved all the problems in cooperation with researchers.

Finally, new additives of good efficiency have been developed in reliance on domestic fuel.

The methanol gasoline additives they have developed are popular among the users as soon as they were produced because they haveĀ  good prospect of introduction.

Now Director Kim Sung Chol and other scientists of the institute are further deepening researches into the additives of substitute fuel in the spirit of the April Plenary Meeting of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Merited Scientist and Associate Professor Director Kim Sung Chol says:

“What is the scientific creed of the Korean scientists? It is to realize what the country and people desire.

As a scientist and as an official in charge of a unit, I will devote all my wisdom and passion to successfully solving the scientific and technological issues waiting for immediate solution in the economic development of the country and the improvement of the people’s livelihood.”