Kim Kwang Ho, Section Chief of the Mathematics Institute under the State Academy of Sciences, is a scientist of dignity who made research findings going ahead of the world in the field of computational algebraic geometry.

Kim Kwang Ho graduated from the University of Sciences. Working at the State Academy of Sciences, he came to give full play to his ability in scientific pursuit. One day he made up his mind to study the computational algebraic geometry, the basics of the public-key cryptography. In the course of repeating his speculation and pursuit in the untrodden world of basic sciences he could make a success in the study of basic theory on the field and he was awarded the doctorate at the age of 26. He set a high goal to exalt the dignity and honour of the country with the achievements in the study of basic sciences surpassing the world standard. He made dynamic researches to completely settle a number of unsolved problems recognized in the field of computational algebraic geometry, startling the world scientific circles. The research findings made public by his research group are said to have been quoted and described after his name such as “Kim-Kim formulae for point doubling” and “Kim-Negre coordinates” in the international scientific journals of the relevant sector, research papers, websites and dissertations as the most advanced results in the world on hundreds of occasions. Kim Kwang Ho was confirmed to be a member of the Program Committee of the Ninth International Workshop on the Arithmetic of Finite Fields to be held in Juche 111(2022) and he is now making a joint research with excellent scientists of the world. He has applied and introduced successes made in the study of basic theory worldwide and thus made a great contribution to increasing the level of information security in different fields of the national economy in a qualitative way. Kim Kwang Ho in his 40s is a promising scientist. He is making dynamic scientific researches to conquer the unknown world at this moment, too, with an ambition to dominate the world in the field of computational algebraic geometry at any cost.