Recently a fresh view of beautiful flowers in full bloom on the Pothong River in Pyongyang is eliciting admiration from the passers-by. Called the flowerbeds on water, the ecological float-type flowerbeds have been developed by lecturers and researchers from Life Science Faculty of Kim Il Sung University.

It was several years previously that they began their study of how to biologically prevent pollution of the rivers and purify the water. In the course of their study they focused on the ecological float aimed at making use of biological features of plants.

Plants cultivated on the floats absorb as their nutritive intakes such water-pollutant inorganic substances dissolved in water as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium carbonate, and thus are helpful in purifying the environment.

They confirmed the method in Juche 103 (2014) by growing plants on the float-type beds of over 100 square metres.

For two straight years they have floated in several places of the Pothong River beds of various flowers like canna and French marigold, adding pleasure to people.

Rim Jong Sim, twice Olympic gold medallist, said that the beautiful flowers in full blossom on the river seemed to congratulate her on her successes and also encourage her for fresher ones.

Jong Kwang Jin, a fifth grader from Life Science Faculty of Kim Il Sung University said; “As I look at those full-blown flowers, I envisage a brighter future in store for us. I will complete in my university days the scientific papers that greatly contribute to the development of life science and become a leading pioneer in this field.”

Ryu Man Hyon, a war veteran living in Mansudong, Central District, said that he got into the habit of enjoying the flowers on water for stroll along the Pothong River, which made him always feel refreshing and young again.

The new, picturesque scenery of the Pothong River provides clean environment and a good companion to the people in their cultural and leisure activities.

Article: Kim Son Ok