The Pyongyang Terrapin Farm is in the suburbs of the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. The farm produces tasty and highly nutritious terrapins, making an active contribution to the improvement of the people’s diet.

The farm has put the terrapin breeding on a highly scientific, industrialized and intensive basis. It has all conditions for terrapin breeding including hatchery, microbial culture ground, indoor terrapin-breeding space and outdoor ponds.

The farm tells touching stories about the devotion of the great leader Kim Jong Il and the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un for the people. Kim Jong Il who was always concerned for the people’s living proposed building the farm and brightly indicated the orientation and ways for the construction, saying it is his desire to provide the people with terrapin.

When the farm was under construction, he, though busy looking after big and small affairs of the state, frequently learned about the progress of the project and took necessary measures.

In October Juche 100(2011) he visited the completed farm and said with great pleasure that the Pyongyang Terrapin Farm is socialist property which can give benefits to the people. Carrying forward his love, Kim Jong Un paid deep attention to the farm. In May Juche 104(2015), he visited the farm and learned about its production in detail. He advanced a high target of modernization and aroused the officials and employees to its attainment.

He visited the farm again in July next year and said with a bright smile on his face that it was wonderfully changed beyond recognition in a year.

And he warmly said that as the farm has been rebuilt wonderfully, his mind is light and pleasant and he was feeling his heart swelling with the thought that we are making revolution for such a pleasure, though difficult. Indeed, Kim Jong Un finds pleasure of making revolution in the happiness and joy of the people and feels greatest delight in it. Today, too, the farm increases terrapin production to the pleasure of the people.