There is a factory producing different kinds of basic foodstuffs including soy and bean paste indispensable for the Korean people’s diet in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. It is the Pyongyang Condiments Factory.

The factory was established in August Juche 35(1946). For scores of years since its establishment, the factory has produced basic foodstuffs including soy and bean paste and monosodium glutamate and supplied them to the people.

All the processes of the factory ranging from feeding of raw materials to packing of products are automated and robotized on a high level.

The factory has refined oil, monosodium glutamate and refined salt and different other production processes. Some years ago the factory renovated a maize embryo separating process, a fermented bean production process and a product packing process by pooling efforts and wisdom of the employees. As a result, the varieties of products made by the factory have increased and their quality has been further improved.

The officials and employees of the factory have the firm view that science and technology guarantee the production. They are actively conducting the technical innovation movement through sci-tech learning space. The factory also has wonderful public service establishments such as swimming pool, beauty parlour and barber’s shop.

It is permeated with warm care of the great leaders who always paid deep attention to the people. In November Juche 57(1968), the great leader Kim Il Sung visited the factory and indicated specific orientation and ways to supply soy and bean paste to the people properly.

Afterwards, the factory was further developed into a modern factory under the guidance of the great leader Kim Jong Il, making an active contribution to the people’s diet.

Their noble love for the people is carried forward by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un. In June Juche 102(2013), Kim Jong Un visited the factory and looked at the production processes based on the latest technology and different kinds of products. And he gave detailed instructions on the issues ranging from the supply of raw materials to the design of trademarks of products.

After looking round different places of the factory for a long time, he realized the attachment of the employees to their work place and said all the units should follow the example of the factory.

Worker Jang Myong Gum says: “I will make efforts to produce more basic foodstuffs, true to the noble love of Kim Jong Un for the people. I will be well versed in the equipment and manage them in a responsible manner to supply the people with larger quantities of tasty and quality basic foodstuffs.”