Doctor Rim Chun Hui is a highly dedicated medical professional who has been providing exceptional medical services at the Ryongsong District Hospital in Pyongyang City for over two decades. Her expertise in improving patient conditions with unique treatment methods has caught the attention of her colleagues in the medical field. Patients have also praised her for her skillful hand, with one saying that she is a “famous doctor.”

Dr. Rim’s commitment to finding the most effective treatment methods for her patients is evident in her extensive research and studies. She has read numerous medical literature and visited several special hospitals to gain experience in treatment. Even after a long day’s work or during holidays, she continues her research and studies.

Her hard work and dedication have paid off with the development of a new and unique treatment method called “one-spot acupuncture.” This minimally invasive remedy has proven to be highly effective in relieving patients of pain and producing maximum results in a short amount of time. Her presentation of this method has even caught the attention of participants at recent medical scientific symposiums.

Dr. Rim’s commitment to the health and well-being of her patients is unwavering. She plans to further study and intensify her treatment method to prevent various complications caused by functional dyspepsia and make an active contribution to protecting the lives of the people and improving their health. Her tireless efforts and passion for the medical profession make her an exceptional doctor with rich clinical experiences.