In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea children are regarded as precious treasure and the whole of hope and future.

It is the lofty outlook on the rising generations and view of the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.

The following happened on May 2, Juche 103(2014).

That day witnessed a grand unveiling ceremony of the bronze statues of the great leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il newly built at the Songdowon International Children’s Camp and an inaugural ceremony of the rebuilt camp in Wonsan City of Kangwon Province on the east coast of Korea in the presence of Kim Jong Un.

The Children’s Union members were very pleased as they had wanted to see him.

Considering their wish, the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un spent time with them in the afternoon as well as in the morning.

After the finals of the National Schoolboys’ Football Games were finished, he encouraged the footballers and coaches of both teams and referees and had a picture taken with them. He also posed for a photograph with those who ensured the football match as they wished.

Darkness set in when the Children’s Union members came out after appreciating a performance of the Moranbong Band in his presence.

Fireworks were set off as if congratulating the Children’s Union members who spent a happy time in his presence all day long.

Seeing the fireworks, they shouted for joy and laughed. He saw them with an air of satisfaction and looked like their father.

Referring to that day, Yuk Yong Chol who was an official of the Youth League organization of Kangwon Province has this to say:

“The celebrations held that day in the presence of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un at the Songdowon International Children’s Camp wonderfully built into a monumental edifice of the era of the Workers’ Party were a precious occasion that enabled the members of the Children’s Union of this land to keenly feel how noble and great his love for the future is.

The members of the Children’s Union will remember the day forever and never forget under what kind of deep concern they have grown up.”