• Ryonghung Tablet

    Ryonghung tablet computer is now popular among customers. It can perform a range of functions such as reading different sources of digital information, office work and documentation. And it also…

  • “Munsu”-Trademarked Water Purifier Enjoys Popularity in DPRK

    Different kinds of water purifiers have been developed in the DPRK. Among them is “Munsu”-trademarked purifier made by the Kumhwa Trading Company. According to Dr. Kim Kwan U, its developer,…

  • Efficacious Anti-Cancer Pill

    Last year researchers of the anticancer medicine laboratory of the Tumour Institute of the Academy of Medical Science, developed the anticancer pill with Scutellaria baicalensis and aralia-shoots which are obtainable in Korea.

  • Rice Plants on River Come into Ears

    Rice plants on a floating field in the River Pothong flowing through Pyongyang, the capital city of the DPRK, have come into ears. The field, with an area of several…

  • 31st National Festival of Science and Technology Opened

    The 31st national festival of science and technology opened at the Sci-Tech Complex on Monday. Present at the opening ceremony were Choe Thae Bok, vice-chairman of the Central Committee of…

  • Internet TV Multimedia Machine “Manbang”

    Introducing “Manbang” First IPTV service from the DPRK. VOD and Live Streams included.

  • Exhibition of Scientific and Technological Achievements Held

    Some days ago at the Sci-Tech Complex in Pyongyang was held an Exhibition of Scientific and Technological Achievements in developing saving and using natural energy. On display at the exhibition…

  • National Sci-tech Presentation in Field of Green Architecture Held

    A national sci-tech presentation in the field of green architecture took place at the Sci-Tech Complex on August 9 and 10 under the sponsorship of the Central Committee of the…

  • Sci-Tech Complex in Pyongyang

    Explore the Sci-Tech Complex in Pyongyang; photos, video and 360 panoramas included.

  • New Species of Turfs Bred

    The Turf Branch Institute under the State Academy of Sciences in the DPRK has recently bred new species of turfs which are highly resistant to cold, drought, disease and shade….

  • Sci-Tech Presentation and Exhibition in Field of Mining Industry Held

    A national sci-tech presentation and exhibition in the field of mining industry took place here on July 20 and 21 under the sponsorship of the Central Committee of the General…

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