Mount Ryongak in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, 292m above sea level, is a famous mountain with its mysterious rocks, where the greenery presents shifting scenes in different seasons. Its name Ryongaksan (Dragon mountain) comes from its shape resembling a dragon ready to fly up at any moment.

From long ago, the spring water of the mountain is wellknown as good for longevity. Spurting up through sedimentary rocks formed by volcanic activity 245 million years ago, the water contains various microelements proportionately. A long time ago this locality was called Hyangnodong (meaning a village with many old people) or Kuno-ri (meaning a village with many families comprising nine old people), and now it is called Wollo-ri (meaning a village with many people of longevity). The Ryongaksan spring water, in contrast to the quality of world-famous spring waters, attracts more attention because it has appropriate amounts of selenium that is good for treating cancer and retarding aging and fluorine that strengthens the teeth. Ten years ago the Ryongaksan Spring Water Factory was built at the place and remodelled last year. It is now producing a large amount of spring water which is hygienically guaranteed.

The factory is equipped with multistage filtering and sterilizing processes. The production site is completely isolated from the outside and is germ- and dust-free thanks to the air conditioning and purifying apparatuses. Production control and product management are conducted under an integrated production system. Recently the factory has increased production facilities and newly established a modern container production process of large capacity. All the processes including container cleaning, filling, checking and shipping are on an automated, conveyor and unmanned basis.

Manageress Kim Tong Suk says, “It is our goal to ensure that all citizens of Pyongyang live long by supplying them with the hygienically-safe Ryongaksan spring water.” Though the factory is increasing its production, the quantity of the gushing water is not running low. The spring water turned out by the factory was certified by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ltd. on several occasions and has been rated high every year at the commodities exhibitions of the Pyongyang Department Store No. 1.

Kim Hyon Ju