• Video: Korean Socialism Which Guarantees Full Human Rights

    Democratic People’s Republic of Korea guarantees to all its citizens complete freedom and political rights in accordance with the principles of the Juche Idea which promotes the development of self-reliance…

  • Magnolia – National Flower of Korea

    The more than one hundred countries of the world all have their own national flowers. Korean national flower is Magnolia Sieboldii.

  • State Academy of Sciences

    The State Academy of Sciences in the DPRK is a powerful organ for scientific research guidance, which steers the country’s sci-tech development and supports the socialist construction as required by…

  • Promising Technical Personnel Trained

    The Pyongyang College of Food and Daily Necessities Industry is not so big, but it presents in succession distinguished scientific and technical achievements to national universities and colleges’ contests and…

  • Rampant Resolutions Against the DPRK

    Nowadays the US. and its vassal countries are recklessly fabricating “resolutions of sanctions” against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at the UN Security Council, “condemning” the country’s self-defence measures to…

  • Indelible Traces Left on the Fields

    Lanes in the fields are not marked on maps. However, the Korean people are hardly indifferent to the lanes in the vast stretches of plain fields or small patches in…

  • Great Life of Devotion for People

    On the occasion of the anniversary of the demise of President Kim Il Sung (July 8), the yearning for the peerlessly great man, who devoted his all to the happiness of people, grows stronger among the Korean people.

  • Father of Nation

    Om March 27, 1989 President Kim Il Sung met Rev. Mun Ik Hwan, the then advisor to the Association for National Democratic Movement (Jonminryon), on a visit to Pyongyang.

  • Kim Il Sung, Eternal Banner of Victory

    The Fatherland Liberation War r in the 1950s was an all-people resistance put up by all the army and people of Korea against the US imperialist aggressors. Lots of fierce battles…

  • Yearning for President Kim Il Sung

    Twenty threee years have passed since President Kim Il Sung passed away. In July every year Korean people, out of their strong yearning for the President, father of the nation, visit his statue on Mansu Hill day and night.

  • Happiness of Modernization

    The Pyongyang Mushroom  Farm is a modern farm where mushroom production is put on a scientific, intensive and industrial basis on a high level.

  • Ryomyong Street, Encapsulation of Socialist Civilization

    Energy-saving and Green Street Ryomyong Street which has soared magnificently demonstrating the national strength of socialist Korea is introduced with the advanced energy-saving and green architecturaal techniques in conformity with…

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