The Pyongyang Hosiery Factory has lots of innovative workers. The factory treats them preferentially and makes scrupulous arrangements to increase the production through their efforts. Some innovators are introduced below.

Operator with “Wings”

Pak Hyon Hui, an operator at the Men’s Socks Workshop, is called an operator with “wings.”

After graduating from the secondary school five years ago, she began to work at the factory. Having finished one-year school for skilled workers, she was put in charge of a sock machine. Everything was strange to her eyes and hands, but she learned from skilled workers assiduously and nurtured a mind of loving her factory.

One day when she had a trouble connecting broken threads, a skilled worker in the same workshop advised her, “Haste makes waste. Don’t be afraid of falling behind others. You should practise connecting broken threads a lot. Don’t strain your hands. There’s a knack about everything, you know, even in connecting threads.”

Now Hyon Hui redoubled her effort to be good at knotting, and soon got a wonderful skill—threads hung around her hands. Soon she took charge of as many as 12 machines alone. When she looks after the machines passing between them swiftly, her colleagues say that she seems to be flying. She overfulfilled her assignment every year: Last year she accomplished her annual plan before October 10, and this year carried out her task for the first quarter of the year in mid-February. A photograph of her is always to be seen among the pictures of honourable workers pasted on the noticeboard beside the gate to the factory. When people address her enviously, she says with a smile, “That’s an ordinary thing that everybody can do with a constant effort.”

Multi-loom Operator

There is a multi-loom operator at Workteam No. 1 of the Women’s Stocking Workshop. It is Ri Su Yon, 23, who is one of the best workers and an innovator of the factory. When she was in her final year at secondary school, she was very popular at school as she was a good musician. So she was advised to go on to Kim Won Gyun University of Music.

But she changed his mind and found a job at the Pyongyang Hosiery Factory. Just before graduation, she happened to visit the hosiery factory. Looking round the factory, she was very impressed by the girl employees in uniforms who handled their machines singing a song to the tune of buzzing sound of the machines at the modern factory. So she volunteered to work at the factory with a determination to enjoy music in the worthwhile working place. Now she has grown into a skilled worker and multi-loom operator. Every year she accomplished her assignment without fail. When she overfulfilled her annual plan in 2016, she was honoured to pose for a photograph, which the best workers are eligible for. She is now working hard with a single mind to fulfil the production plan of this year in the spirit of Mallima era.

Article by Sim Chol Yong